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Stat Category LStat Lists
Alter Scent Gifts ragabash_2
Alteration of Generations Rites mystic rites_children_of_gaia
Ambidextrous Merits merits_human
American Dream Totems wisdom totems
Amnesia Flaws flaws_human, flaws_ratkin
Amulet of Kinship Fetishes fetish_2
Amulet of Tongues Fetishes fetish_4
Anachronism Flaws flaws_vampire
Anaconda Totems totems
Anahata Gifts stargazers_3
Anarchs Identities sects
Ancestor Ally Merits merits_shifter
Ancestral Recall Gifts earth_guides_3
Ancestral Wings Gifts bastet_gifts, balam_2
Ancient Egyptian Languages languages, languages_secondary
Ancient Greek Languages languages, languages_secondary
Ancient Norse Languages languages, languages_secondary
Angel's Semblence Gifts children_of_gaia_4
Angels in the Garden camps
Anger of the Goddess Gifts black_furies_5
Anger of the Wani Gifts rising_sun_4
Anger's Purge Rites accord rites_garou
Angry Ancestor Flaws flaws_garou
Angst Virtues misc_wraith
Angu Urges urges
Animal Ken Abilities skill skills
Animal Magnetism Merits merits, merits_human
Animal Musk Flaws flaws_shifter
Animal-Psychic Numinae psychic numina, psychic_phenomena
Animalism Disciplines disciplines, disc_common, disc_gangrel, disc_nosferatu, disc_ravnos, disc_tzimisce
Animalism 1 Disciplines
Animalism 2 Disciplines
Animalism 3 Disciplines
Animalism 4 Disciplines
Animalism 5 Disciplines
Anklet of False Trails Fetishes fetish_1
Anti-Psychic Numinae psychic numina, psychic_phenomena
Anti-Wyrmbringer Bias Flaws psychological flaws_garou
Appeal Rites mystic rites_ananasi
Appearance Attributes social social
Arabic Languages languages, languages_primary
Arcane Backgrounds backgrounds, backgrounds_mage, backgrounds_sorcerer
Arcanum Identities societies
Archery Abilities skill skills
Architect Archetypes archetypes
Area Knowledge Abilities knowledge knowledges
Arete Virtues misc_mage, virtues
Argos Arcanoi arcanoi
Arion's Burden Gifts black_furies_1
Arm of the Metis Fetishes fetish_3