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Stat Category LStat Lists
Bayou Shambler Gifts bastet_gifts, pumonca_3
Bean Bane Fetishes talens
Bear Totems war totems
Bear's Blood Fetishes talens
Beast Life Gifts lupus_4, children_of_gaia_4
Beast Shape Gifts ju-fu_4
Beast Speech Gifts galliard_1
Beastmind Gifts red_talons_2
Beautiful Lie Gifts black_spiral_dancers_4
Become Log Gifts mokole_2
Becoming Rites rites_mystic, rites_all, rites_corax, rites_2
Befriend Gifts rishi_1
Beg Gifts bone_gnawers_3
Bellow Gifts mokole_1
Bells of Rain Fetishes fetish_1
Beltane Rites caern rites_fianna
Beneath Notice Gifts bone_gnawers_2
Bengali Languages languages, languages_secondary
Bent Vine Fetishes fetish_3
Berserker Merits merits_vampire, merits_shifter
Berserker's Song Gifts get_of_fenris_4
Billabong Stride Gifts mokole_5
Bind Tivilio Rituals rituals_4
Binding Rites rites_mystic, rites_all, rites_1
Binding the Beast Rituals rituals_4
Bio-Control Numinae psychic numina, psychic_phenomena
Biomechanics method_iteration_x
Biomonitor Cyber cyber_all, cyber
Biothaumaturgy Thaum_Paths thaumaturgy thaumaturgy_paths
Birdlike Mannerisms Flaws flaws_corax
Birdseye Merits merits_corax
Birnam Sands Fetishes fetish_4
Birth of the Fire Warrior Rites mystic rites_black_furies
Birth Time Rites rites_1
Birthing Plague Rites rites_all, rites_ratkin
Bison Totems respect totems
Bite of the Destroyer Gifts same-bito_4
Bizarre Hunger Flaws flaws_human
Black Friday Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_homid_5
Black Furies Identities garou_tribes
Black Hand Backgrounds backgrounds, backgrounds_vampire
Black Listed Flaws flaws_human
Black Shark Rites rites_all
Black Spiral Dancers Identities garou_tribes
Black Water Rituals rituals_2
Blackened Moon Rites mystic rites_garou
Blank Gifts ragabash_5
Blank Slate Gifts planetary_ruatma_4
Blanket of Peaceful Dreams Fetishes fetish_2
Blaze Talons Gifts hengeyokai_2