Stat Type
Category Title Sort descending Slug Lists
Rites Acceptance acceptance black_furies
Rites Accomplishment accomplishment rites_renown, rites_all, rites_2
Rites Adoption adoption uktena
Rites All Machines Day all_machines_day glass_walkers
Rites Alteration of Generations alteration_of_generations rites_children_of_gaia
Rites Anger's Purge angers_purge rites_garou
Rites Appeal appeal rites_ananasi
Rites Artifice Dedication artifice_dedication rites_all, rites_ratkin
Rites Asklepios asklepios rites_children_of_gaia
Rites Awakening of Gaia's Strength awakening_of_gaias_strength rites_garou
Rites Badger's Burrow badgers_burrow rites_caern, rites_all, rites_4
Rites Balance balance rites_garou
Rites Bane Binding bane_binding rites_uktena
Rites Baptism of Fire baptism_of_fire rites_mystic, rites_all, rites_1
Rites Battle Blessing battle_blessing rites_all, rites_corax
Rites Becoming becoming rites_mystic, rites_all, rites_corax, rites_2
Rites Beltane beltane rites_fianna
Rites Binding binding rites_mystic, rites_all, rites_1
Rites Birth of the Fire Warrior birth_of_the_fire_warrior rites_black_furies
Rites Birth Time birth_time rites_1
Rites Birthing Plague birthing_plague rites_all, rites_ratkin
Rites Black Shark black_shark rites_all
Rites Blackened Moon blackened_moon rites_garou
Rites Blood Kin blood_kin rites_garou
Rites Bolthole bolthole rites_all, rites_ratkin
Rites Bone Rhythms bone_rhythms rites_minor, rites_all
Rites Breath of Gaia breath_of_gaia rites_minor, rites_all
Rites Breeding breeding rites_silver_fang
Rites Caern Building caern_building rites_caern, rites_all, rites_5
Rites Caern Concealment caern_concealment rites_all