Awakening of Gaia's Strength


This rite is used to strengthen and fortify a structure, such as the walls around a city, or a door or gate. The rite works only on walls and doors made of stone or wood (not metal, glass or any other material). The Warders alone practice this rite as a way to protect their Kinfolk and caerns; the other tribes see it as heretical and often speak out against its practice at moots. The Warders have been called upon to perform this rite for other tribes, however, and it is becoming more and more accepted. The ritemaster must carry a small article of the same material as the object he wishes to be fortified during this ritual. The participants walk the length of the object while calling on Gaia to restore the stone or wood to its natural living strength.


Objects smaller than a wall (such as a door) decrease difficulties to perform the rite by one, while a larger object, such as an entire castle wall, increases the difficulty by two or more. If the article carried by the ritemaster is an exact match to the object (a splinter of wood from the same tree as the object or a stone from the same quarry), reduce the difficulty by two. If successful, difficulties to damage the object increase by one for each success, up to a maximum of +1, until the next full moon.

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