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Stat Category LStat Lists
Awakening of the Steel Thaum_Paths assasmite_sorcery assamite_sorcery_paths
Aware Merits merits_human
Awareness Abilities talent talents
Awe Gifts silver_fangs_2
Axis Mundi Gifts mokole_2
Ba'ashkai Urges urges
Baali Identities clans, clans_independent, clans_restricted
Babble Gifts red_talons_1
Babel's Cure/Curse Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_homid_3, bagheera_3, bubasti_3
Baby Face Merits merits_vampire
Bacchantes' Rage Gifts black_furies_3
Backbite Gifts ratkin_3
Bad Luck Thorns thorns
Bad Mojo Powder Fetishes talens
Bad Sight Flaws flaws_human
Bad Taste Merits merits_shifter
Badger's Burrow Rites rites_caern, rites_all, rites_4
Badger's Heart Gifts metis_4
Bagheera Identities bastet_tribes
Balam Identities bastet_tribes
Balance Gifts stargazers_1
Balance Rites accord rites_garou
Balefire Gifts black_spiral_dancers_5
Baleful Doll Rituals rituals_4
Balor's Gaze Gifts fianna_4
Bane Arrow Fetishes talens
Bane Arrows Fetishes talens
Bane Binding Rites mystic rites_uktena
Bane Klaive Fetishes fetish_5
Bane Lantern Fetishes fetish_2
Bane Lock Fetishes fetish_5
Bane Protector Gifts black_spiral_dancers_1
Baneskin Fetishes fetish_3
Banish Burning Gifts ceilican_2
Banish Cahlash's Brood Gifts bastet_gifts, bubasti_3
Banish Sickness Gifts bastet_1
Banish Totem Gifts uktena_3
Banishment Gifts ju-fu_3
Banned Transformation Flaws flaws_garou
Baptism of Fire Rites rites_mystic, rites_all, rites_1
Barbarian Archetypes archetypes
Bardo Disciplines disciplines
Bare the Heart Gifts earth_guides_4
Basket of Bones Fetishes talens
Bastet Identities races_shifter
Bat Totems totems
Bata'a Fetishes fetish_1
Battery Gifts engineer_4
Battle Blessing Rites rites_all, rites_corax
Battlesense Gifts planetary_nerigal_1