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Stat Category LStat Lists
Caregiver Archetypes archetypes
Carrion Clothes Gifts roko_4
Carrion's Call Gifts corax_2
Cast No Reflection Flaws flaws_vampire
Castigate Arcanoi arcanoi
Castigation Junkie Flaws flaws_wraith
Cat Claws Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_homid_1
Cat Fear Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_3
Cat Food Thorns thorns
Cat Sight Gifts bastet_2
Catfeet Gifts lupus_3, bastet_1
Catgut Gifts plague_lord_3
Cathari Paths paths
Catlike Balance Merits merits_human
Cavalier Archetypes archetypes
Cave Lion Totems totems
Ceilican Identities bastet_tribes
Celebrant Archetypes archetypes
Celerity Disciplines disciplines, disc_common, disc_assamite, disc_brujah, disc_gangrel_antitribu_country, disc_gangrel_antitribu_city, disc_toreador
Celestial Chorus Identities traditions
Cellular Phone Cyber cyber_all, cyber
Cenotaph Thaum_Paths necromancy necromancy_paths
Centipede's Beckoning Gifts kataribe_2
Cerebral Booster 1 Bioware bioware
Cerebral Booster 2 Bioware bioware
Cerebral Patching Cyber cyber_all, cyber
Cerebral Stimulator Cyber cyber
Ceridwen's Blood Gifts
Chain of the Blood Line Rituals rituals_8
Challenge Rites renown rites_get_of_fenris
Challenge of Single Combat Gifts planetary_nerigal_4
Chameleon Gifts metis_3
Chameleon Archetypes archetypes
Chameleon Totems wisdom totems
Chameleon Skin Cyber cyber_all, cyber
Channeling Numinae psychic numina, psychic_phenomena
Chant of Morpheus Gifts children_of_gaia_3
Chaos Mechanics Gifts glass_walkers_5
Chariot of Lions Gifts ceilican_5
Charisma Attributes social social
Charmed Existence Merits merits
Cheese It! Gifts tunnel_runner_5
Cheops' Brick Fetishes fetish_4
Cherokee Languages languages, languages_secondary
Cheshire Prank Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_3
Chhi-Lin Totems respect totems
Chi Kung Rites rites_1
Chi Sense Gifts kitsune_1
Chi'ih Ming Gifts zhong_lung_1
Child Archetypes archetypes