Angel's Semblence


The Children of Gaia don't believe in terrifying humans unnecessarily. This Gift allows a Child to act in Crinos form without invoking the terror of the Delerium; but instead of seeing a werewolf, onlookers see an angelic figure of exceeding grace and holiness. Witnesses may remember a Child's battle with a Wyrm beast as an angel's struggle with a demon, or a warning to leave the woods as the gracious guidance of a guardian angel. Onlookers need not be Christian to be affected; Islamic witnesses might remember on of Mohammed's fiery messengers, while Norse pagans might think the Garou was one of the Valkyries. This Gift is taught by a spirit of Hope.


The player spends a Gnosis point to invoke Angel's Semblence for a scene. The effects are automatic against humans; use the Delirium chart (ignoring the Child of Gaia tribal flaw) to determine how strongly a witness is affected. Responses of fear should be replace with rapture; even 'catatonic fear' should be seen as 'complete bliss'.

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