The Black Furies had many tribeswomen among the ancient Scythians, who were renown for their use of cavalry. During their battles with other Garou tribes, the Furies often surprised their enemies by showing that they too could employ cavalry, thanks to this Gift. Most animals shy away from creatures of high Rage, and even the Glabro form tended to make a werewolf heavier than the horse could handle. But this Gift perfectly calms the mount's mind and makes the Black Fury as light as a child to it. It is taught by an avatar of Pegasus.
The Black Fury rolls Charisma + Athletics (difficulty 6). A simple success is all that is needed to keep this Gift active for the rest of the scene. While this Gift works to calm any animal normally friendly to the Black Fury, it is most commonly employed on horses. Riding in Crinos form, even with this Gift, is a tricky business, requiring a Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 7) roll.