This Ability indicates your prowess at unarmed combat. Punching, kicking, wrestling, biting, the works.
You can operate and program computers. You can design software or even judge the requirements of a specific system. You would also use this Knowledge to hack into another system.
This Trait gives you knowledge of specific cultures, of their taboos, do's and dont's. Their history, beliefs, rituals, religions, behavior and motivations are familiar to you.
Crafts used to be the skills most people would rely on for their survival during the middle-ages. Today, they're the skills through which many people who have never gone to college can make a living.
Cosmology system of beliefs (scientific, philosophical and/or metaphysical) that seeks to describe or explain the origin and structure of the universe. A cosmology attempts to establish an ordered, harmonious framework that integrates time, space, the planets, stars, and other celestial phenomena. In so-called 'primitive' societies', cosmologies help explain the relationship of human beings to the rest of the universe and are therefore closely tied to religious beliefs and practices. In modern industrial societies, cosmologies seek to explain the universe through astronomy and mathematics.
You are familiar with the types and uses of explosives and can place them in such a way that the explosion will accomplish your goals. You can handle nearly any type of explosive, ranging from nitroglycerin and TNT to black powder, napalm and plastic.
The best defense is not to be there when the attack hits. This Ability measures how good you are at avoiding melee and ranged attacks, which can mean the difference between alive and well and mincemeat.
Do, which means 'the way' is the father and mother of all martial arts. Indeed, it is the most basic of them all, from which all others stem. It is a way of life, a philosophy in itself. It is the realization of the body's and mind's potential -- in full. Each level brings on enlightment and understanding.
You can change your looks to pass for someone else using clothes, effects and make-up.
You have insight in others' emotions and can respond to them accordingly. You could probably understand what motivates a person, or you could detect a lie. However, you often feel exactly as the other person does, sympathizing with them to an amazing level.