Animalism allows empathy with and power over the animal world, as well as the animal within, and embodies the Beast which lurks within the soul of every Cainite.

Anklet of False Trails

Gnosis 5 When activated, this fetish anklet will disguise the trail of its wearer as that of another animal. An Anklet of False Trails is made from the braided fur or skin of the animal whose trail will be mimicked.


Anti-psychic is the rarest psychic talent yet observed. The pychics' very presence makes even reliable psychic talents weaken or fail. Due to the subtle nature of their powers, most anti-psychics' remain unaware of their talent until approached or even attacked by other psychics.

Anti-Wyrmbringer Bias

You have an instinctive dislike for Garou whose ancestors came from Europe to invade the Pure Lands. You have a +2 difficulty on all die rolls involving interaction with Garou other than Wendigo or Uktena. If appropriate, you may choose three tribes to exempt from this bias, for whatever reason.


Though it is Queen Ananasa who decides when a Damhan has reached the proper knowledge and wisdom for an increase in rank, the Ananasi may call to her if they feel they have been overlooked.


Not merely physical looks, but also your ability to create a definite impression.


Arcane is the manifestation of a character's ability to be inconspicuous to the unsearching eye. This is not invisibility, nor will it conceal a character during combat. It merely makes it very difficult and frustrating for someone to find him.


The Arcanum (on Dark Metal) is a loose affiliation of psychics and sorcerers who search for information on both their own kind and the powers they possess, and on other supernatural creatures.


You know how to fire a bow or a crossbow.


Creation is your passion. The Architect has a sense of purpose even greater than herself. She is truly happy only when creating something of lasting value for others. People will always need things, and the Architect strives to provide at least one necessity.

Area Knowledge

This Trait reflects your knowledge of a particular area's layout, mortal politics, history and structure.


Arete is a measure of the level of raw power a Mage can wield.

Arion's Burden

The Black Furies had many tribeswomen among the ancient Scythians, who were renown for their use of cavalry. During their battles with other Garou tribes, the Furies often surprised their enemies by showing that they too could employ cavalry, thanks to this Gift.

Arm of the Metis

Gnosis: 8 Spirit: Jaggling servent of the Dark Fungus Bane Totem


This charm provides a spirit with dice to soak damage when it has not materialized.

Armor Beetles

Gnosis 7 These spirit beetles are found in the deep Umbra, but they can be convinced to serve as talens in the physical world. A Rite of Binding is performed when this agreement is made, and the Armor Beetle turns to onyx.

Armor of Kings

As the Children of Gaia Gift: Luna's Armor.

Armor of the Tortoise

The Mokole may form a hard shell in Archid or Suchid.