Sanguineous Phail

Stat Type: 
Thaumaturgy 1

This ritual allows a vampire to enchant a vessel so that it may hold a quantity of blood and keep it from spoiling. It is useful for Kindred who do not have the medical knowledge or technology required to preserve blood in a more mundane fashion. The caster takes a covered earthenware jar and buries it in the earth for two nights, then digs it up the following evening. He crumbles a dried ash leaf into the empty canister and pours the blood in, closing the container and sealing the lid with tallow melted from a candle. The blood will remain fresh until the seal is broken. Though common during the Middle Ages, this ritual disappeared from grimoires after the formation of the Sabbat. It is believed to be the same ritual, reclaimed from antiribu, but reworked slightly, owning to some superstitions elders who fear that anything from the Sabbat traitors could be tainted by the infernal. System: After the container is opened, the blood begins to spoil at a normal rate. If the vessel is broken, the blood immediately deteriorates to the state it would have attained had it not been preserved at all. The canister may be used more than once, but the ritual must be recast or the blood will go bad. Rarity: Tremere = Common | Other = Common