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Still Not Dead

Life kept me off-game for a while, but contrary to appearances, I ain't dead yet.  Lights are still on.  Might even be people home.  Drop in and find out.

Latest and Greatest

I'm generally hanging out on-game, so folks are welcome to come keep me company / be population on the WHO.  My life and schedule aren't really permitting for much in the way of RP, but I'll play support for anybody who wants/needs code assistance or other similar things for gaming in the DM setting.  Drop in, say hi, leave a bbpost for good measure.

Status Update

Life's been keeping me slammed, so the campaign is slooooow to progress, but it is still progressing.  A bit.  I'm working on it.  Warned you it'd be a slow starter....

In more helpful news, the broken function that hung up chargen has been fixed, so you should be able to run characters through again, and I'm working on making this website go back to not looking quite so horrible.  One step at a time.

MUSH status and upcoming campaign

A few bumps and bruises later, and most of DM is back up and running - some of the code is a wee bit rankled yet, I'll get it in line as I can. More importantly, I'm running a campaign. Second-more importantly, the campaign's log archive will be available here on the webpage, as well as where currently it's most available at the wiki, via the plot page. Read! Join! Just play, there's no expectation that you're around at any given time. We're all busy.

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