Stat Type
This Trait reflects your knowledge of a particular area's layout, mortal politics, history and structure.
You know how to fire a bow or a crossbow.
You can predict an animal's actions and you understand their psychology. You can calm or enrage an animal at will, and you understand its motives.
Over the years you have taught yourself how to survey your surroundings and remain alert at all times. You are quick to react in most situations because of the attention that you pay the world about you.
You can feign emotions, expressions and you can put yourself in a certain state of mind through the practice of Acting. This ability to fool people can be used for good or for onerous purposes.
This Trait reflects an innate ability to 'sense' the supernatural and determine its nature. This ability can range from having 'funny feelings about the guy with the fangs' to 'hey, he's a vampire'. It is only usable within the normal sensory range, and the greater the number of successes rolled, the more information about the target is revealed.
This Trait measures your familiarity with sports in general and your athletic potential and ability. You would use this ability to jump over a pit filled with snakes while chewing gum at the same time.
This trait allows you to work with the body. Piercing, tattooing, body art. The works. It is also used in many Viscissitude applications.
You know how to handle a boat and you can operate efficiently as a crew member or even captain.
This Trait allows you to bribe city officials, and navigate the political straits. You can also operate a bureaucracy and organize things.