The heart center stirs, opening the Garou up to normally unseen perceptions concerning others. She can sense what they are feeling and know the best way to make them listen to her (although they cannot be coerced into acting against their wills).


The Anarchs are halfway between the Camarilla and the Sabbat.

Ancestor Ally

One of your past lives is close to you, and as a result you find it easy to channel them.

Ancestral Recall

By accustoming themselves to a particular area or tribal group, the Earth Guides can 'recall' pertinent information about tribal practices or traditions that may have been lost over time.

Ancestral Wings

According to their folklore, the Balam were once two tribes. One of the original families, the Olioiuqui, had wings. By digging into this ancestral past, a werejaguar can invoke their gift and fly for short distances.

Angel's Semblence

The Children of Gaia don't believe in terrifying humans unnecessarily. This Gift allows a Child to act in Crinos form without invoking the terror of the Delerium; but instead of seeing a werewolf, onlookers see an angelic figure of exceeding grace and holiness.

Angels in the Garden

For the Angels, immunizing the youngest human generation against the defiler Wyrm is of paramount importance. These Garou maintain an underground network among their kin to protect children from abusers, even if it means breaking the laws against kidnapping once in a while.

Anger of the Goddess

With the force of Gaia Herself, the Black Fury elder strikes down even the most powerful enemies. Few can withstand the righteous anger of Gaia unleashed. The power can take many forms: a lightning bolt from the heavens, an avalanche, or even a tornado.

Anger of the Wani

See 'Invoke the Spirits of the Storm.' On using this Gift, the Zhong Lung falls into a day-long sleep, offering his dreams to the Dragon Princes as thanks.

Anger's Purge

Rage makes a shapeshifter what they are. But it is a curse as well as a blessing. Some Garou can contain their Rage sufficiently to live with a Kinfolk family or enjoy a quiet dinner at a restaurant. But some are so out of balance that they can barely function without exploding.

Angry Ancestor

One of your Ancestor-spirits has been watching your progress since your birth, and she is very displeased. Perhaps you have made a mistake and broken an ideal that she honored greatly, or perhaps you just don't live up to her expectations.


One of the more complex and abstract of the Urge Wyrms, Angu is the Urge of Cruelty.

Animal Ken

You can predict an animal's actions and you understand their psychology. You can calm or enrage an animal at will, and you understand its motives.

Animal Magnetism

You are especially attractive to others of your breed. You receive a -2 difficulty on seduction or animal attraction rolls (which may inspire some jealousy in others who view you as 'competition').

Animal Musk

You smell like an animal no matter what your form. It'll probably be attributed to bad cologne usually.


While most psychic abilities affect other humans, some psychics use their talents on the 'lower' animals. The actual method of communication may vary. Some psychics bark or growl at the animal, others use dressage gestures, even if the animal has never seen a trainer before.