A Thousand Secret Faces

Though not true shapeshifting, this Gift bestows on the user an almost perfect illusion of her choosing. Only supernatural Gifts permit seeing through this illusion, and the difficulty rises to 9. She may take on any human appearance. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

A Thousand Voices

The Black Spiral Dancer Philodox can distort the sound of his own footsteps, creating a series of illusory noises. Instead of one werewolf, enemies will hear an entire pack. Howls, shadowy apparitions, footfalls, and even illusory scents are all possible.

A Touch of Nightshade

This ritual allows the vampire to poison victims by touch alone. The ritual causes the vampire to produce a magical effect similar to poisoning in the first person she touches after casting the ritual. The victim rolls Stamina + Fortitude (difficulty 8).


Abhorra grew from the Wyrm's mounting resentment of the Pattern that bound it, the Weaver who drew it into her madness, the Wyrld that was incapable of preventing the tragedy, the creation in which it could no longer participate, and itself for its own failure.

Absent Minded

You have a hard time remembering simple things like phone numbers, the last time you ate, where you put your car keys, etc.

Absolute Balance

Rats have an amazing sense of balance: they can walk along clotheslines, the moorings of ships, and narrow rooftops with amazing agility. A rodens using Absolute Balance can maintain her balance on any solid surface, including ice, he slick bottom of a riverbank, a greased surface, or a snowdrift.


Although a Garou can give up her tribal affiliation with the Rite of Renunciation (see below), the Black Furies have their own ritual to welcome a female Garou from another tribe into their own.


This rite is used to honor a Garou and recognize the trials he has endured to attain his current standing.


Camarilla status meaning that you have been acknowledged as a member of the sect by the appropriate authorities (Prince or higher).


You are an un-Awakened servant or associate of a mage or a cabal. You are Aware and clued into the Ascension War. Your mage associates may call upon you for aid, for special knowledge or abilities or to assist with magical operations.


This background reflects a number of people who actively support a mage's paradigm and are Aware enough to assist with magical operations. Acolytes might be students, associates, friends, employees, coven members or cultists.


You can feign emotions, expressions and you can put yourself in a certain state of mind through the practice of Acting. This ability to fool people can be used for good or for onerous purposes.

Acute Hearing

You have exceptionally sharp hearing.

Acute Smell

You have an exceptionally keen sense of smell.

Acute Taste

You have an exceptionally keen sense of taste.

Acute Vision

You have exceptionally keen eyesight.


The Garou may exist in any environment, regardless of pressure, temperature, or atmospheric composition. The Garou also takes no damage from poison or disease, though concentrated flame or radiation still effects the Garou normally. This Gift is taught by a Bear spirit.


You're addicted to something. If you don't have access to it for some reason for an extended period of time, you start to go through withdrawal.

Additional Discipline

You have an additional discipline that counts as a clan discipline for purposes of learning and raising with experience points.