Gameplay and character building

Sunday, February 11, 2018 - 17:30



[Public] [ ] Wyrd: We're going to be making heavy use of the wiki.

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: How are you with logging? Posting logs is gonna be A Thing to keep this together.

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: Directly into the wiki, so everyone can participate in making sure the logs are complete.

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: And in removing the pieces they don't want made public. ;)

[Public] Sabrina: I log my stuff automatically, and then editing the text file & copying & pasting into the wiki isn't hard. mostly it just takes initiative, so if I'm not around someone else will have to do it, or @mail it to me or something

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: Oh, if you're not around it's whoever is around's responsibility.

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: I'm absolutely not asking you to be designated logger. ;)

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: I'm requiring it of everybody who can.

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: You have ONE JOB. ;)

[Public] Sabrina: lol, and what's that? :)

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: That's collective You. Everyone who plays, makes sure logs are up to date.

[Public] Sabrina: got it :)

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: Everything else is optional.

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: It's going to be pretty nonstandard style, as MUSH plots go.