Will o' the Wisp

Stat Type: 
Thaumaturgy 1

This ritual allows a Thaumaturgist to produce a supernatural ball of light. The ball of light travels as the vampire mentally commands. The ball of light, referred to as a Will o' the Wisp, can be made to travel anywhere within sight of the vampire and perform tricks. Among the things the ball of light can do are: glow brighter, glow dimmer, divide into many smaller balls, fly about, bathe someone in its magical glow, swirl, remain stationary or perform whatever manoeuvre the vampire can imagine. This ritual is useful as a diversion or simply a light source. System: This ritual requires a small branch from a willow tree. The vampire must recite the magical incantations and throw the stick into the air, whereupon it bursts into the ball of light. The light lasts as long as the vampire concentrates upon it. Rarity: Tremere = Uncommon | Other = Common