Ugly Truth

Stat Type: 

Like the homid Garou Gift: Part the Veil. The Ratkin must bite ot claw a human victim to transmit this Gift. Moreover, his experience is 'embellished' by visions similar to those granted by the Birthing Plagueusually torturous reminders of the dangers of human overpopulation. If the wererat wants to finish off the experience by punishing the guilty human, he can make the disease extremely toxic. At the end of the scene, the victim will then be ravaged by the last lingering effects of the infection.


The roll to bite or claw is made normally; the player then rolls Charisma + Empathy (difficulty 6) and spends one Gnosis.The wererat has rhe option of inflicting damage with this Gift; he does not need to declare this until the end of the scene. If the human is worthy of punishment, he takes aggravated damage; the number of health levels he loses is equal to the number of successes on the initial Charisma + Empathy roll.