Truce of Helios

Stat Type: 
Camp: Sun Lodge

Helios is, among other things, a spirit of reason and diplomacy. Garou who follow him are often skilled diplomats. Helios is also an honorable Celestine; The Silver Fang may not use this gift as a ruse to gain momentary advantages (set up an ambush). A Garou may learn this gift from the Children of Karnak or A Firebird Spirit.


The player must roll charisma+etiquette versus 7. If successful, the Silver Fang negotiates under a spiritually enforced dlag of truce. All those whom he negotiates with must make Willpower rolls diff 9 and acquire 2 successes in order to attack the Garou. The truce lasts one hour for each success rolled. If the Silver Fang breaks the words of the truce, the effects of the gift end and will never again work on the same target. Additionally, the Silver Fang loses three temp pts of honor. This gift costs a gnosis to use.