Telepathic Control

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Telepathic Control is the power to directly take control of a subject's mind and to force him to perform an action. Telepathic Control also allows the psychic to, more insidiously, falsify the subject's sensory inputs- making them see, hear, touch, taste, or smell things that are not there.

Mind Shields offer defense, as one might expect. The subject can spend a willpower point to resist taking an action, or to disbelieve an illusion as long as he has reason to believe the illusion is false (three or more successes on an Awareness roll.)


Roll: Intelligence+Empathy vs. Target's Willpower

Successes scored determine the duration and accuracy.

1 Success: Something less than a combat action- an extra pull of a trigger, or a muscle twitch at just the right moment. Vague illusions- a blur at the corner of the eye, incoherent whispering, a faint scent or flavor.

3 Successes: A trigger pull, a command entered into a computer, a drink taken. Discernible illusions. A person from a hundred yards; a few spoken words; a strong scent or flavor; a tap on the shoulder.

5 Successes: A carefully aimed gunshot; a brief monologue; a self-inflicted wound. The illusions are indistinguishable from reality. A person at arm's length; a conversation; an entire meal felt, tasted, and smelled.


* A twitch or a simple, habitual gesture. A false smell or taste.

** A single short motion. A false sound or a simple, false sensation.

*** A full action- dropping (or firing) a gun, fleeing (or running towards) combat. A detailed (but single-sense) illusion. Implant a single false memory.

**** Control of a target for an entire turn. An illusion (a single 'object' or 'entity') affecting up to three senses. Erase a single memory.

***** Successes can be divided up amongst multiple turns. A complex illusion potentially completely replacing the subject's perception of reality. Rewrite (erase and implant a replacement) a small collection of related memories- a single day or a particularly uneventful week.