Tale Spinning

Stat Type: 

Using this amazing ability, the Ratkin can tell an elaborate story defying all reason and logic, and tell it so convincingly that the listener believes it is true. Telling the story absorbs an entire scene.


Burn one Gnosis and roll the Munchmausen's Manipulation + Expression. The most educated or skeptical listener makes an Intelligence toll to resist; for each success, he can stop the Ratkin at any point and ask him one question that should derail the story entirely. ('But sir, there is no air on the moon!' quoth he. To which I replied, 'Ah, but you are mistaken! The cheese has holes, does it not?') Regardless, if the 'tale-teller' has more successes than the listener, the Gift succeeds and the Moon Mouse makes it to the end of his story. Optionally, the listener may write down his number of successes on a piece of paper and pass it to the Storyteller; the Munchmausen doesn't find out the results until his story is over.