Sense Wyrm

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The shifter's preternatural senses can detect manifestations of the Wyrm around her. This is a fully mystical sense, and although a shifter might say, 'This area stinks of the Wyrm,' it does not require the sense of smell whatsoever, although it does require active concentration. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.


For normal use, use '+sense wyrm.' For special use, the shifter rolls Perception+Occult (varying difficulty, depending on the size of the area being scanned, and the amount of wyrm taint present). This will pick out shifters with a Rage greater than 6, Black Spiral Dancers, Nephandi, Fomori, Vampires with a Humanity or Path rating less than 7, and Mages with an Entropic Taint rating greater than 4.