Sense the Mystical

Stat Type: 
Thaumaturgy 1

This ritual provides the ability to sense the 'mystical residue' left by a magical objects and effects. This ritual was originally developed to seek out non-Tremere who use Thaumaturgy and magical artifacts, and is common among the younger Tremere seeking a name for themselves. While this power is in effect, the thaumaturge carries a lit candle, whose light causes the stuff of magic to glitter. System: After chanting for five minutes, the thaumaturge is able to sense magical effects. Sense the Mystical can detect Thaumaturgy, Necromancy and similar blood-related vampiric magic is used within several yards of the object or person in question. This power does not distinguish between the different types of blood magic, nor does it pick up 'normal' disciplines. This ability lasts for one scene. Rarity: Tremere = Common | Other = Common