The Scribe

Stat Type: 
Thaumaturgy 1

This ritual creates a written document from the spoken words of the caster. The thaumaturge simply speaks, and her words mystically appear on paper before her. Some thaumaturges have observed variants of this ritual that involve moving feather-pens writing the words as they speak them, but the most common form of this ritual makes no such overt display. Further, some young thaumaturges have developed a variant that records their words directly to computer files -- which their elders almost universally decry as vulgar. This ritual requires the beak of a bird or the tongue of a lizard to be crushed between the caster's thumb and forefinger. System: For the duration of the scene, any words spoken by the thaumaturge are transcribed to whatever surface she wishes. this is most commonly paper (whether loose or bound into a book), but may also be a wall, the head of a pin, anything. the Scribe automatically fits the thaumaturge's ideas on a given surface, but it makes no provisions for legibility; transcribing all 400 pages of The Seventh Sigil onto a note card isn’t going to be readable without a microscope. Additionally, the Scribe does not improve a speaker's eloquence -- in matters where clarity or quality is crucial, the speaker's Expression Trait may come into play. The Scribe may be cast on someone other than the thaumaturge, should the latter so wish. Also, she may voluntarily end the effects of the power before the end of the scene. Rarity: Tremere = Common | Other = Common