Rite of Introduction

Stat Type: 
Thaumaturgy 1

The Tremere use this ritual as the formal method of presentation for arrivals in a new city. However, it is an old ritual and not as widely used as it once was. Many young members of the clan are not even aware of its use and tolerate no excuse for a breach of courtesy. It is also possible to use this ritual to request aid. The caster boils a handful of ground tamarisk root in a pot of rainwater and recites a short incantation into the vapors that form over the water, then adds a drop of galangal oil. He then speaks a brief message, which is telepathically communicated first to the regent and then to the other clan members in the city according to their place in the hierarchy. The ritual allows the regent to reply telepathically, though she is bound to do so only by tradition. System: The caster may make a 30-second 'introduction speech' in which he presents himself to the other members of the city. the ritual also enables telepathic communication with the regent for 5 minutes. Clarification: The ritual does not work cross-sect: if you're Antitribu, it only contacts Antitribu. If you're Tremere, you only contact Tremere. Rarity: Tremere = Common | Other = Common