Rend Reality

Stat Type: 

Description: The Black Spiral Ahroun has the power to tear a rift in reality with her claws, causing a nexus of entropy. In the area of effect, Banes are considered to be Materialized, though it does not reuiqre any Power expenditure on their part. The area will appear as if the sky and landscape has been torn apart, revealing a swirling world of chaos beyond the ragged tatters.


System: The Evocation of this Gift costs three Gnosis points and requires a Gnosis roll; each success enables a 10 foot radius to be rent. Any attempt to physically enter or exit the affected area requires a roll of the individual's Intelligence+Enigmas (difficulty 8). The area is charged with entropic force - any damage rolls gain a two-dice bonus while in the area of effect. Any attempt to 'step sideways' can kill the Garou foolish enough to try it. The Garou trying to 'step sideways' must make a Gnosis roll (difficult 9) to avoid seven Health Levels of aggravated damage. The use of this power last for one scene.