Reborn Sage

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Freebie Cost: 

The character has been officially recognized as the reincarnation of a famous Garou hero or sage. He thus begins with three extra points of temporary Renown (choose either Wisdom, Honor or Glory). If the previous life was a Stargazer, the cost of this Merit is 2 pts, for there is a certain amount of social status that comes with it. Old friends of the previous life (it he was a recent Stargazer) look kindly upon the character, and rivals consider the slate to be wiped clean. (This doesn't apply to the Wyrm, however; a character might just find himself with some 'unfinished business' that requires his attention in this life.) However, if the previous life is that of a Garou from another tribe, there may be some friction with that tribe - the Silver Pangs might not appreciate someone claiming to be an incarnation of royalty, for instance. The cost in such cases is thus only 1 pt.