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A vampire with the Presence Discipline is exceptionally attractive and appealing to others.  People want to be around the vampire. Presence is a natural aspect of one's personality. This is emotional control rather than the more direct mental control of Dominate.


Resisting Presence: Those affected by Presence may spend a Willpower point and succeed on a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) to resist its effects. You must then continue to spend Willpower until you are no longer in the presence of the vampire using this discipline.

1 - Awe: When you employ this power, everyone near you becomes intensely attracted to you, although their fascination is not so complete that they will endanger themselves.

System: Charisma + Acting (difficulty 7)

The number of successes rolled also determines how many people can be affected:
1 success - one person
2 successes - two people
3 successes - six people
4 successes - 20 people
5 successes - everyone in the vampire's immediate vicinity (e.g. an entire auditorium of people)

2 - Dread Gaze: The exhibition of your full vampiric powers can cause great fear and loathing in mortals. The subjects are cowed by your appearance and will do anything to avoid incurring your wrath.

System: Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty is the victim's Wits + 3).  Success indicates that the target is cowed, while 3 or more successes indicate that he runs away in fear. Each success reduces the number of dice the victim is allowed to roll the next turn by one.

3 - Entrancement: Entrancement is used to convince another to serve you.

System: Appearance + Empathy to Entrance a subject (difficulty of the target's Willpower). The number of successes determines how long the victim is Entranced.

1 success - one hour
2 successes - one day
3 successes - one week
4 successes - one month
5 successes - one year

4 - Summon: With this power, you may call a person from a very great distance and that person will come to attend your desires.

System: Charisma + Subterfuge. Normal difficulty 5. Subject is a stranger: difficulty 7. If the Kindred has successfully used the Presence Discipline on the subject in the past: difficulty 4, but if the target previously resisted the vampire's Presence attempt it is an 8.

1 success - Target approaches, but slowly and hesitantly
2 successes - Target approaches reluctantly and is easily thwarted by obstacles
3 successes - Target approaches with reasonable speed
4 successes - Target comes with haste, overcoming any obstacles in their way
5 successes - Target rushes to you, doing anything to get to you

5 - Majesty: You are almost universally respected and feared. You will not be attacked or harmed in any way for as long as the effects of Majesty remain uncontested.

System: The subject must make a Courage roll (difficulty is the character's Charisma+Intimidation) if she wishes to be rude, crass or even non-servile to the vampire. A subject who fails the roll will go to absurd lengths to humble herself before the vampire.