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Parapsychology is the study and understanding of psychic ability. This includes the neural study to determine how the brain functions and how stimulus effects areas in a psychic's brain.

For the real psychic, Parapsychology teaches one how to use their own powers. This skill is also essential to be being able to develop new psychic numina.

You should use Parapsychology rolls for psychic powers to maintain concentration, perform group effects and delve into the possibilities of what can theoretically be done with psychic energy. Maintaining concentration will sometimes require a Wits + Parapsychology roll. Working in conjunction with a group usually demands a Perception + Parapsychology roll. Use of Parapsychology with Paths is as indicated under the specific power in question.

. Student: This stuff is interesting, isn't it?

.. College: You have spent time observing experiments in the field, or you have read many serious works on the subject.

... Masters: You could even make a living by teaching or doing research.

.... Doctorate: You engage in groundbreaking work such as that which created hypnotism.

..... Scholar: If you aren't already a psychic, you are getting close.

Possessed by: Parapsychologists, Psychics, Charlatans Specialties: ESP, Psychokinesis, Trances, Conjunctions