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Vampire or Ghoul
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Kindred with this Discipline excel at hiding among and away from crowds. When they do not wish to be seen, others, especially mortals, rarely notice them even if they stand right in front of a crowd. Though this Discipline affects others' minds and does not actually render the user invisible, the end result is much the same -- Kindred employing Obfuscate simply can't be seen. However, surveillance devices still track the character normally.

Unless the vampire purposefully makes herself seen, she can remain obscure indefinitely. At higher ratings, a vampire may slowly fade from the view of those around simply by not thinking about remaining in sight.

Auspex and Obfuscate are opposed to one another. When Obfuscate is used against a Kindred who possesses a higher Auspex score than a character's Obfuscate score, the character is unable to conceal himself from the searcher. However, if the hider's score is higher, then the Kindred is fooled normally.

While mortals normally have no ability to divine the location of Kindred with this Discipline, the Storyteller may rule that those with psychic powers may be able to see the vampire directly. Furthermore, children, especially those who retain their own unique perspective on the universe and have not fully accepted the reality imposed by their parents, are often able to see through Obfuscate.

O Cloak of Shadows

Your ability to conceal yourself is not fully developed, so you need some sort of cover in order to hide yourself effectively (or at least you must be in a position that eyes easily pass over anyway). Most often, such cover is the shadows of an alley or a recessed door frame, but this power also works if you can interpose a tree or lamppost (no matter how narrow) between yourself and the ones from whom you hide.

Once under cover, you must remain completely motionless in order to remain obscured. If you move, if a light is turned on which would illuminate you, or if a viewer moves to an angle at which you are directly in his line of sight, the Cloak of Shadows fails.

OO Unseen Presence

Your powers of remaining unseen have become so potent that you can effectively cause yourself to disappear indefinitely and remain hidden even if you walk around.

You are completely ignored unless someone specifically looks for you. People will move about in ways that cause them to avoid you and will even take actions to remove themselves from your vicinity. Their unconcious minds will do nearly anything to prevent their concious minds from realizing that you are there.

OOO Mask of the Thousand Faces

This potent ability does not hide you from the gaze of others, but makes you appear as someone other than who you truly are. Your appearance does not actually change -- you simply make people think they see someone else.

OOOO Vanish from Mind's Eye

Your power has advanced to sugh a degree that you may actually disappear from plain view. Even if you are standing face to face with a mortal, you may exercise this power and simply vanish. Those who witness such a disappearing act, especially mortals, are normally stunned with indecision for a turn. One member of a large group might be able to react (such as to fire into the space where the character vanished), but this is the exception. Moreover, mortals with low strength of will may actually forget that they ever say you at all.

OOOOO Cloak the Gathering

This incredibly manipulative power allows you to extend any of your Obfuscate powers to those around you. Not only are you concealed, but so is everyone else with you whom you wish to conceal.

If one character compromises the disguise or invisibility, then only she is no longer under the protection of your powers. However, if you compromise the position, the Cloak drops completely and everyone may be seen.


Auspex vs Obfuscate - Please see the link below for how to deal with equal levels:


Obfuscate & the Umbra - Please see the link below for how Obfuscate works in relation to the Umbra:


Clarification: Vampires see through their own Obfuscate. You cannot fool yourself. This also means that you are not able to directly verify your level of success.

O Cloak of Shadows

No roll needs to be made, since the Obfuscate succeeds once the criteria have been met. However, those with Auspex higher than the character's Obfuscate will see right through the shadows.

OO Unseen Presence

No roll is normally required; however, if the character speaks or engages in violent physical activity (e.g. combat), she will probably draw attention to herself. The Storyteller may ask for a Wits+Stealth roll to determine how well the character remains unseen. At least three successes are required to allow her to speak and still not be seen.

OOO Mask of the Thousand Faces

The player must roll Manipulation+Acting (difficulty 7) to determine how well the character assumes his mask. Refer to the chart to see how successful the attempt is.

1 success -- People could still pick you out of a police lineup.

2 successes -- The character looks somewhat different; subjects describe him differently.

3 successes -- The desired look is successfully broadcast.

4 successes -- Appearance, movement and actions are completely different.

5 successes -- The character can even appear as someone of the opposite sex.

Clarification: You cannot look inhuman. If you can take other forms, you still look like that form; if you are a wolf you could look like a very different wolf.

Clarification: Changes do include clothing and the whole image.

Clarification: This power is able to do two things:

1. Look like a non-specific person, just different than you. A Hispanic gangbanger, a suit, a MetSec officer, a bum, etc.

2. Take on a specific image. This is more difficult, requiring one extra success than it would otherwise on the chart. Whether it is an image you have created before, or mimicking a particular person. After some practice at a particular image you may ask staff to +comment it on you to do away with the extra success penalty.

OOOO Vanish from Mind's Eye

The player must roll Charisma+Stealth (difficulty is the Wits+Alertness of the target). If more than three successes are obtained, the vampire completely disappears from sight. If the player obtains more successes than the target's Willpower, she completely forgets the vampire's existence, but the vampire must leave her presence immediately or be remembered.

OOOOO Cloak the Gathering

The character can conceal one additional individual for every point of Stealth possessed. See the appropriate power above to see what must be rolled to determine how successfully the power is used. A single roll determines the effectiveness for everyone; each character does not roll separately.