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This Discipline allows a vampire to summon and converse with the spirits of the dead, possibly gaining advice and knowledge from them.

O Insight The superstitious have long believed that a dead person's eyes hold an image -- the last thing seen in life, or an image of the person's death or killer. This power allows a character to look into the eyes of a corpse and see the last thing those eyes beheld.

OO Summon Spirit The trappings of a spiritualist seance are not necessary to use this power, although some Kindred find them pleasing. In order to summon a spirit, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The character must know the name of the spirit to be summoned -- although an impression of the spirit, obtained by the Auspex power of Psychometry, will suffice.
  • The spirit can be that of a dead mortal or extinguished vampire. Destroyed vampires who reached Golconda cannot be summoned. This power is not sufficient to affect a living spirit.
  • There must be some person or object in the room with a personal connection to the spirit in its life.

OOO Compel This power allows the character to master a summoned spirit.

OOOO Haunting The character may keep a spirit from returning to the spirit world.

OOOOO Soul Stealing The character may summon the spirit from a living body. Success indicates that the spirit has been drawn from the body, and may be treated as a ghost. The body then begins to deteriorate and the victim must spend a Willpower point to return to the body in order to avoid death. The vampire may use other powers of Necromancy to keep the spirit trapped outside the body if desired. Thaumaturgy may be used to cast another spirit into the vacant body.


O Insight A roll of Perception+Occult (difficulty 8) is necessary to use this power. This can even be done to vampires (extinguished or not), in order to see the last thing they saw before they died (but the difficulty is 10). The number of successes indicates how much is learned about what the subject saw and heard at that moment (see the chart below). This power cannot be used on vampires who have reached Golconda.

  1. A sense of how the subject died, or what caused it.
  2. See what happened in the minutes before death.
  3. See and hear what happened in the minutes before death.
  4. See and hear what happened up to half an hour before death.
  5. Completely understand everything that happened up to an hour before death.

OO Summon Spirit The vampire must make a roll of Perception+Occult (difficulty equal to the spirit's Willpower) if the spirit does not wish to be summoned. The number of successes indicates how clear the contact is. For each question asked, roll one die for each summoning success -- at least one success on this second roll is needed to maintain contact long enough to get an answer. OOO Compel The character must make a roll of Manipulation+Occult (difficulty of the spirit's Willpower). The number of successes indicates the degree of control, as follows: Botch The spirit is enraged and attacks the character. Failure The spirit is free to depart if it wishes. A hostile spirit may attack the character before departing.

  1. The spirit is compelled to remain and to refrain from attacking any creature without the character's permission.
  2. This spirit is bound to remain peacefully, and answer any questions truthfully.
  3. The spirit is bound to remain peacefully and answer truthfully and fully -- no half-truths, no leaving things unsaid.
  4. The spirit is bound to remain and answer, and to perform any task the character demands. If unwilling, it may do a bad job or willfully misinterpret instructions.
  5. The spirit is bound to obey both the word and the intent of the character's commands to the best of its ability.

OOOO Haunting A roll of Manipulation+Occult (difficulty is the spirit's Willpower if it is unwilling, or 4 if it wants to stay) keeps it in the world of the living for one day per success. For that time, it is not necessary to roll for severance of contact as described under Summon Spirit above. OOOOO Soul Stealing A roll of Manipulation+Occult is necessary (difficulty is the Willpower of the victim if it is unwilling).