Mother's Truth

Stat Type: 

The Gift: Truth of Gaia just isn't good enough for some people. A Knife-Skulker can tell who's lying with that Gift, but who's to say he isn't lying about the results? When someone's guiit needs to be proven to everyone present, Mother's Truth forces the victim to rat on his accomplices and co-conspirators. For one scene, the victim of Mother's Truth cannot tell a lie.%r%tThe victim may even be coerced into telling everything that he's trying to hide. This relies on an elaborate use of interrogation and threats, mixed in wirh a little supernatural prowess. Never swear on your Mother's grave, especially when she's really an Incarna with goddess-granted powers. The Rat Incarna bestows this Gift through one of her chosen Rat-spirits.


When unresisted, spend one Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Intimidation (difficulty 6). The victim will literally bite his tongue if he tries to tell a lie. If he resists, everyone present will know it.

Getting the witness to betray his darkest secrets requires an extended contested test of Willpower, along with a thrilling drama worthy of a courtroom. The inquisitor and his victim trade off questions and answers, alternating Willpower rolls as they go. The victim rolls first at difficulty 6. The inquisitor's difficulty is lower: Take the number of successes the Knife-Skulker got on his initial Manipulation + Interrogation roll and subtract it from 6. The Storyteller calls for regular Willpower rolls periodically throughout the interrogation; if the Skulker gets ten successes before his victim, he has browbeaten him into submission, and the victim spills all the details of his crime. If the victim gets ten successes first, the interrogation does not work and cannot be attempted again for a full day.