Moments of Eclipse

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There are times when a Corax must make a near-supreme sacrifice, voluntarily severing his connection to the Sun. The reasons for doing so are few, but always drastic. Perhaps the Corax has been chained with gold, and needs a few minutes in which to work an escape (or else he'll die a horrible, agonizing death), or maybe he needs to prove his 'worth' to a gang of vampires he's trying to infiltrate. Regardless, this is not an action that any Corax should ever take lightly, and Helios himself notices if a wereraven abuses this Gift. After all, he's the one who teaches it.


Given by Helios reluctantly (and some say, at the last minute) to his new acquisitions, this Gift allows a Corax to sever his connection to the Sun temporarily 10 minutes for every success on a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) after the expenditure of 2 points of Gnosis. If the roll is a success, the Corax is suddenly cut off from Helios. This has both positive and negative effects. On the plus side, the Corax is no longer vulnerable to the pernicious effects of gold for the duration of the Gift's effects. On the other hand, for so long as the Corax is cut off from Helios, she cannot use Rage.