Lore Wyrm

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This is the mythology of evil that is taught by the Garou, although one need not know anything of this system to be on the Wyrm's path. The scope of Malfean influence is all that can go wrong within nature, every horrifying deformity of flesh or spirit. It represents the seed of baseness, madness, selfishness, cowardice and vulgarity within every sentient being, on either side of the Gauntlet. The power of the Wyrm is that it is the birthright of everything in the Gaian sphere: like the quiet burrowing creature it is named for, it tempts and influences Gaia's creatures subtly and gradually from within.

  1. You've heard the story of the Triat and digested a simplified explanation for the corruption of the original Wyrm of balance.
  2. It's not so simple anymore. There's not just one Wyrm, apparently, but a whole can of them: a triatic microcosm further divided into Urges and Elements. At this point, you still have difficulty keeping them all straight.
  3. You can number the aspects of the Wyrm without counting on your fingers, and probably have explanations for why particular divisions were made and not others. You know about Calumns and might even have seen one. You've heard stories of the sort of things that go on in Malfeas.
  4. You can list some of the Malfean duchies and their more celebrated lords.
  5. Malfeas? Nah, I don't need a map.