Lore Nephandi

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This lore represents knowledge of the Nephadi as a whole, their history, social structure, typical goals and affinities. This Lore differs from Mage Lore in the sense that it represents a cursory to deep 'insider' understanding of the Nephandi. It covers etiquette, protocals, moral/ethical codes and to an extent who's who among Nephandic mages. It also covers knowledge about what the Nephandi are doing in LATMA and the world abroad, where to find them and how to recognize them if you aren't sure.


1 - You've become aware that there is an association of people who wield supernatural powers for unsavory ends. Even if you are a member of such a group, you still have a number of misconceptions about the specifics. 2 - You know some relevant terminology, enough to impress a newbie acolyte but are by no means an expert or privy to insider information. 3 - You''ve become aware that the Nephandi are not one unified group, but serve various masters, often at cross-purposes. You know that these usually have Malfean, Infernal, or Outsider affiliations, and may have heard rumors of Oblivion. You're aware that certain Nephandi - what some call Widderslainte - need not be turned, but are favored from birth. 4 - You're familiar with the hierarchy of traditional Nephandic cabals, and with much of the historical terminology. You are knowledgeable enough to oversee important rituals, such as the Cauling. 5 - You have extensive knowledge of the influences and actions of various cabals throughout history. You are familiar with the common names and goals of a number of Patrons that fall outside your own personal experience.