Lore Mage

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... Sanctums as well as theories about Quintessence, Nodes, Paradox and other sundry forces witnessed primarily by Mages.


1 - You've know of the four major factions and can explain the major differences. You also have a very cursory understanding of the magical abilities of mages. 2 - You have a solid understanding of the major factions and can explain the differences in detail. You are familiar with the spheres, their ranks and limitations. 3 - You have an extremely sophisticated understanding of the major factions, can explain the differences in great detail and can speak with some accuracy about the basic philosophies of the subgroups with in the various factions. 4 - You have a deep understanding of mages as a whole. You know who the major figures are in the various factions and can recognize their subtle markings. You have a deep understanding of mage metaphysics and are knowledgeable enough to oversee important effects or procedures, rituals and rotes such as talisman, fetish and sanctum creation. 5 - There is very little about mages as a whole that you don''t know. You have a profound metaphysical understanding and can over see almost any effect or procedure.