Lore Infernal

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Hell and its denizens comprise the most anthropocentric mythology of evil, interwoven with human society and culture on every level. This lore represents knowledge of the Infernal Hierarchies as a whole, thier history, social structure, goals and affinities bureaucratic structure of the infernal regions, the nature, lifestyle, and desires of its inhabitants, as well as a familiarity with the rituals commonly used to invoke their assistance. It covers deep knowledge of your Patron and his/her/it's Hierarchy and cursory knowledge of the other Hierarchies and Patrons. This Lore differs from Nephandi or Cosmology in the sense that it represents an 'insider' understanding of the Hells and their Lords and Ladies


1 - You have a newly initiated Nephandi's understanding of your Patron and Hierarchy. Your knowledge is extremely limited and naive. 2 - You have a solid basic understanding of your Hierarchy and and Patron. You have a basic understanding of your Hierarchy's rules, laws and culture and know how to navigate with little help or embarrassment. You've become aware that there are other Hierarchies and may have some knowledge about a few of them. 3 - You have a sophisticated understanding of your Hierarchy and Patron. You are an expert in the rules, laws and cultures with in your Hierarchy and know how to navigate your society with ease. You have a broad base of knowledge about the other Hierarchies and their structures. 4 - You have a deep understanding of your Hierarchy and Patron, as well as a deep knowledge of it's history and goals. You are privy to insider information that most are not. You are well versed in the ways of other Hierarchies as well. 5 - There is very little about your Hierarchy and Patron that you don't know. You are likely a major decision maker for your Patron your Hierarchy general. There is very little you don't know about the Hells and their Hordes.