Lore Garou

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You've learned some things about the Garou, most likely from one of them or someone who knows them well. Note that this is for non-Garou... Garou use the Rituals Knowledge for their own knowledge of themselves. The following levels are guidelines. Knowing one thing on a level doesn't mean that you'll know that level of Lore. This Ability must be applied for through the Garou Wizard.

  1. You know a few fairly minor details, like that they call themselves Garou and they don't need the Full Moon to change. Silver seems to hurt them... sometimes. But you might be wrong.
  2. You're pretty certain that some of the legends are true, like silver harming them, and that most of them are wrong... wolfsbane doesn't work, they shift whenever they damn well please, and definitely don't act anything like Lon Chaney. They're divided up by Tribe and a few other things.
  3. You likely know that they have nothing to do with a curse, and that they worship Gaia. They're at war with something called the Wyrm, and can do quite a bit more than just turn into a wolf.... (Note: You must have at least a Lore_Garou of 3 in order to understand the Garou language)
  4. They gain powers from Spirits and Gaia that they call Gifts, and use them in their fight against the Wyrm and its creatures, whatever their forms. They're not the only shifters out there, and they're not winning their war. They're able to travel into the Spirit World in a very real sense.
  5. You should really go buy the book. You know as much about them as they know about themselves, although it's likely not quite the same brand of 'insider information' that they have.