Lore Forbidden

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Forbidden lore is so named for a reason: it is the most alien and consequently the most dangerous of all forms of knowledge. It threatens not merely the one who knows it, or the society he lives in, but the entire structure of nature and reason. Of all that is Outside the bounds of what we commonly, comfortably, know to be true. Outsiders are the most inhuman of all Nephandi, their motives the most inscrutable. One need not sell one's soul to lose it. This lore represents knowledge of the Outsider Pantheons as a whole, thier history, social structure, goals and affinities. It covers deep knowledge of one's Pantheon and Patron and cursory knowledge of the other Pantheons and Patrons. This Lore differs from Nephandi or Spirit Lore in the sense that it represents an 'insider' understanding of the Outsiders (insofar as the mortal mind can comprehend them).


1 - You've heard or read about the Outsiders but what you know is dubious and deeply disturbing. 2 - You have a very basic understanding of the outsider pantheon but details remain confounding. A name here, a sign there...maybe a text in an alien language. You can identify the obvious trappings of some of the Outsider cults on earth but largely the Outsiders remain mysterious. 3 - You have a sold basic understanding of Outsider pantheons. You can identify Outsider influences and can interact with some Outsider cults with relative ease. The deeper mysteries still elude you. 4 - You have a sophisticated understanding of the Outsider pantheon, including names, habitats, goals, cults, signs, markings and practices. You likely have communed with or had intimate conversations with someone close with an Outsider. 5 - For a mortal you have a deep understanding of the Outsiders, their pantheon and their influence and agenda on earth. You are likely the leader of an Outsider cult and have regular contact with an Outsider.