Lore Camarilla

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Lore: Camarilla covers information on the sect of the Camarilla, the clans involved in it and their slant on the world and their place in it.

  1. You know what a basic Neonate - trained and released by a moderately involved sire - would. This includes a general - and stereotypical - overview of clans, enemies, and the traditions.
  2. Some of the structure of the sect and more of its history has begun to be spelled out to you.
  3. You could talk with a member of the group in question without being found out. Structure, status rules, expected courtesies and more details on the traditions (like what other clans think of them) have been given at least an overview.
  4. You've learned things you wish you never had.
  5. You know the subjects at least as good as they know themselves. This could well be terminally dangerous, given that the Camarilla, much as the groups from which their name comes from, likes to keep their secrets just that - secret. Even from themselves.