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Each level of Linguistics grants you the ability to speak one extra language. You can also identify certain aspects of a tongue, like accents and dialects.

  1. One additional language.
  2. Two additional languages.
  3. Three additional languages.
  4. Four additional languages.
  5. Five additional languages.

Basically, you get a set number of dots per level of linguistics taken in chargen you can spend on languages. After chargen, you can either buy language dots straight with XP, or you can buy linguistics. You're allowed to have one (1) native-fluency level language per linguistics dot; if you have linguistics 1 and your native fluency is already English, that's all you get. Apply to your sphere coordinator for any reflection of post-chargen purchases of linguistics on your languages you deem appropriate. You will need to have the language you want raised to native fluency at 4 before it can be taken to 5.