The Imp's Affliction

Stat Type: 
Thaumaturgy 1

A disgusting ritual, the Imp's Affliction curses the subject by aggravating his ears, throat and nose. Mucus membranes inflame, ears fill with liquid, the throat becomes raspy and dry, and the subject's eyes brim with tears. This ritual requires merely that the thaumaturge write her victim's name on a scrap of paper. System: The Imp's Affliction lasts for one scene, during which the victim becomes winded after 5 + Stamina turns. Subjects so exhausted suffer a +1 difficulty on all social rolls, which vanishes at the end of the scene as the symptoms disperse. This ritual is most often used to torment people in social situations, as their unpleasant maladies make them odious, to say the least. This ritual has no effect on Kindred. Rarity: Tremere = Uncommon | Other = Uncommon