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You can circumvent the electrical system of any vehicle and jump-start the engine. With a little more work, you can even bind an Electricity-spirit to a spare key, ctcating a 'spirit key' for the car that other Ratkin cart use. Some Tunnel Runners like to travel in style, using and discarding cars along the way.


Spend one Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Repair; Tunnel Runners have a difficulty of 8 on this roll, while Engineers have a difficulty of 6. One success starts the engine. You may then craft a spirit key by holding up a spare key to die car's electrical system and coaxing an electricity elemental inside. Make a temporary Gnosis toil against the difficulty of the local Gauntlet; the number of successes reveals how long the key will work. Each success guarantees the key will function fot one day before the spirit escapes. Only Ratkin may use this spirit key.