Honorable Oath

Stat Type: 
Silver Fang

A somewhat less potent version of the Gift: Honor Pact, this rite allows the Garou to swear a binding oath of allegiance to another being. The ceremony involves the Silver Fang swearing to perform a single task, while giving a small but valued item to the recipient. The player must also spend a gnosis point.


If the Silver Fang keeps her word and attempts to fulfill the mission to the best of her abilities, she gains four points of honor, regardless of the missions success. Failure to diligently pursue the oath destroys the item and results in the loss of two permanent honor points. Most Garou know about this rite and are far more apt to trust a Silver Fang who takes it. Pressing a Fang to do so is very bad form (-2 temp honor for asking). The Recipient of the oath 'should' return the object undamaged to the Silver Fang upon successful completion of the mission.

This rite can only be used between Garou, and may not be used for simple tasks. The character should have to focus on the task until it is complete.