Honor Pact

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The Honor pact is another gift of diplomacy. All participants must enter into the pact willingly. Those who participate exchange blood (most often from cutting their palms) and swear oaths to Falcon. Spiritual bonds connect the participants, and they may not work against each others interests in any way (staff has the final say in what constitutes this edict). Packmates bound by this oath are highly resistant to the dentrils of the defiler wyrm. The children of Karnak teach this gift.


3 temp gnosis must be spent by each participant, while for must be spent by the user of the gift. The players must also make a charisma+ritual roll versus 7. Previous rivalries or differences between pact makers are greatly lessened, reducing the difficulties of all Social rolls among themselves by -2. All attempts by agents of the defiler wyrm to corrupt those under the pact are at a +2 diff. Garou who invoke this gift but frequently squabble destroy the effects over time. The effects last forever until a participant breaks faith. The person who does suffers 5 health lvls of agg danage from being rent by the spirit talons of Falcon, and is marked as an Oath Breaker.