Gift of Eyes

Stat Type: 

The Corax' duty of drinking the eyes of the slain can inflict a montage of supremely horrific images upon those who tend to their duties. In many cases, those images are the Corax' burden, to suffer with in silence. That's not always the case, however. With Gift of Eyes, a Corax can pass along a vision from an eye he's drunk to any non-Corax he chooses. The image is transferred in all its glory and gore, just as the Corax himself first saw it. Unprepared viewers may faint or scream; prepared ones may find clues or details they need in this glimpse of a dead man's last seconds. Raven or one of his spirits teaches this Gift.


The expenditure of a pair of Gnosis points and a contested Willpower roll against the intended victim are what's needed to effect a Gift of Eyes. The Corax can transfer any memory he's devoured with no distortion or dilution of the image.