Stat Type: 
Vampire or Ghoul
Freebie Cost: 

This Discipline reflects the mystical ability of vampires to influence the minds and actions of others. Dominate always requires eye contact with the subject in order for it to be employed. It can only be used on only one subject at a time. Orders must always be given verbally to those who have been Dominated. It is impossible to Dominate another vampire who is of lower generation. Vampires may resist Dominate by spending a Willpower point for each success gained in the Dominate roll. The subject is then immune to attempts at Domination for the rest of the scene. If a botch result is ever received on a Dominate roll, the target is rendered immune to future attempts by the same vampire for the rest of the story.


Clarification: Willpower is interpreted as the temporary Willpower score, not permanent. Wound penalties also apply when Willpower is to be rolled. Those injured and who have expended mental efforts are more susceptible to Domination.

1 - Command the Wearied Mind: You are able to give a one-word command to another; the command must be obeyed instantly.

System: Manipulation+Intimidation roll (difficulty of the target's Willpower). More successes force the target to act with greater vigor.

2 - Mesmerize: You can implant a suggestion into the unconscious mind of a subject. You may cause the mesmerism to take effect immediately, or you can designate the events which will trigger it. You must maintain eye contact for as long as it takes to complete your command; however, very complicated suggestions can be made. You may give exact commands to another person or the control can last longer and be much more subtle. Eye contact is no longer necessary after the suggestion is given. The suggestion cannot force the subject to do something against her Nature, and only one suggestion may be implanted in a subject at a time.

System: Manipulation+Leadership (difficulty is the Willpower of the target). The number of successes determines how well the suggestion is implanted. With less than 5 successes, the subject cannot be forced to do anything which seems strange. With less than 5 successes, the suggestion is cannot endanger the subject. At five successes, nearly any command can be made.

3 - The Forgetful Mind: With this power, you can steal, create and remove memories from a subject.

System: Wits+Subterfuge (difficulty is the Willpower rating of the target) and then consults the following table to see how much may be done to the subject's memory.

1 success: Memory loss that lasts but a day
2 successes: May remove, but not alter memory.
3 successes: May make slight alterations to memory.
4 successes: May alter or remove entire scene from subject's memory.
5 successes: Whole periods of the subject's life may be reconstructed.

4 - Conditioning: Over time, an individual can be Conditioned so that she is thereafter unable to resist your Domination and is also more resistant to the Domination of others. Fully conditioning a subject can take weeks or even months.

System: Charisma+Leadership (difficulty is the target's Willpower). Conditioning is an extended action.

5 - Possession: With this power you can take complete control of another person's mind. While controlling the subject's mind, your body is as motionless as if it were in torpor. You may not Possess other Kindred.

System: In order to Possess another individual, a character must strip away the target's Willpower. Opposed roll: the subject rolls Willpower, while the Possessor rolls Charisma+Intimidation (difficulty 7 for both). For every success the attacker obtains over the other's successes, the target loses a point of Willpower. A victory by the subject does nothing but prolong the struggle; each success provides her with that many extra dice to roll on the next turn. A botch by the attacker, however, makes the subject permanently immune to a character's Dominate attempts.