Death Ray

Stat Type: 

You can discharge energy through your fingertips. Granted, you'll need to hook yourself up to a car battery or wall outlet for a few hours a day, but if you've ever had a Garou trying to choke you to death, you know it's worth it.


You must spend at least an hour 'meditating' while attached to a supply of electricity. Spend one Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Enigmas (difficulty 6); for each success, you gain a temporary dot in a new trait called 'Electricity.' if you spend another point of Gnosis, you can charge this Trait up further; the maximum rating is 10. For the rest of the day, your body will have a constant static electric charge until you discharge it.

To attack with the Death Ray Gift, roll the dice in your Electricity pool. Attacking with a touch is difficulty 6; attacking arrange (up to fifty feet) is difficulty 8. If you hit, you inflict one health level of aggravated damage per success; this damage is soaked at difficulty 8. The Electricity trait goes down one dot each time you use the Death Ray. Optionally, you can bum off points of Electricity instead of Gnosis to power Gifts like Battery and Summon Electricity.