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Similar to the Rite of the Opened Way. The Foxes use the power of the four directions to celebrate a kit's first - and only - choice of path.

Always held in a transitional place (usually a crossroads, but sometimes a bridge over a running stream or even a doorway). The ritemaster purifies the target, then brings her to the site. After proper obeisance to the Emerald Mother, Silver Lady, Bai-Mianxi, and Prince Inari, the ritemaster asks all four to bless their newest child's arrival into adulthood. The ritemaster lays out four bowls for the kit, one at each direction; she sees each bowl as filled with one of the four Paths' elements - clay, lightning, lava and mist. She must reach into the proper bowl, thus choosing her path. Though this can be painful for fledgling Eji and Doshi, she suffers no permanent damage. Once the choice is made and her paws drip with the symbol of her path, the ritemaster takes the new Yakan to her training.


Roll Charisma + Rituals; the kit is officially Rank One at rite's end. It is a great honor to perform this rite, and successfully sponsoring a new Kitsune grants the ritemaster two points of temporary Honor.