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Corvid Corax are hatched as ravens, and tend to have their First Change around 8-10 months, then age as normal humans. They can be a trifle cliquish, sometimes finding excuses to dismiss homid Corax as airborne wannabes, and are also more easily distracted by bright objects than are their earthborn kin, but make up for this with a keener eye and more grace in the air. Bird-born Corax are loquacious, but more so in bird form than in human. Most are equally at home in bird-talk or human speech, but claim to find the Corax tongue so much more expressive and detailed than any human language could ever be. Corvids also have less of a sense of personal property than do their homid cousins, and fullblown kleptomania is rampant particularly theft of shiny things. Unfortunately, this category covers things like gems, jewelry, watches and other items that humans normally hold pretty dear, and that means that corvids don't need any help getting themselves into trouble when trying to deal with humans.|SYSINFO=Like lupus Garou, corvids can only purchase certain abilities with freebie points during character creation. They make up for this by gaining two free dots of Flight, and by a little more resistance to gold in their breed form; no Corax suffers the adverse effect of gold in Homid, but corvid-breeds are able to soak damage from gold while they're in their breed form. Of course, gold still causes aggravated damage to any Corax in Corvid, and they still suffer Gnosis loss from contact with gold as usual.